Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rice Bowls on a Budget by Everything Golden

I just have to share this, from my best friend's blog! I thought this was a great way to make a healthy dish under $5 and make several meals out of it. And if you love Cafe Yumm!, you will love this rendition. You can either go here Rice Bowls or read below.

In our house we cook a lot with rice. Rice and chicken, rice and steak, rice and beans, rice and get the idea. Rice is easy to cook, cheap and goes with just about any delicious sauce you have sitting around. Yesterday I needed to make some lunches for my hubby so he has something good to eat at work the rest of the week. We had one box of flavored rice as well as some canned veggies so I got a bit creative and this is what I came up with!


1 box Broccoli Au Gratin Rice ($1.00)
1 can Black Beans ($1.00)
1 can Mushrooms ($0.25)
1 can Peas and Carrots ($0.75)
1 can Zucchini in tomato sauce ($0.75)
1 small handful of shredded cheese to garnish ($1.00)

Cook rice as directed. Let cool just slightly then add beans and veggies. I used canned veggies because (a) they were cheaper and (2) when I bought the ingredients I knew I wasn't going to be making it right away. I've made this before using chicken or tuna as the protein but beans (again) are cheaper so that's what I went with this time. But really, you can do just about anything you want with rice, a sauce and some veggies!

After it cools a bit, divide it into lunch portions, top with a little cheese, and refrigerate. I was able to get four good size lunches out of this recipe for Jermaine so two went into the fridge and another two into the freezer. So for only $4.75 I was able to feed him for almost an entire week of work lunches. Not bad!

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