About Us

Kenny & I are finally taking the plunge! After five wonderful years & patience on both of our parts, we are both ready to embark on our wonderful adventure. We will set sail on August 10th, 2012, with sails billowing in sparkling waters. We are excited to raise the anchor & let the winds guide us. With that in mind, we will remember to always return our gaze to the strand from which we come & return home.

One vow we have promised each other from the beginning is that we will remain 'boyfriend' & 'girlfriend' even when we are old & gray, to remind us of youthful, carefree joy that comes when you first fall in love.

We are falling more & more in love with each other everyday, & this is our way of keeping our loved ones up-to-date with all our seaworthy adventures. We love you all!

In addition, I would also like to use this blog to lend ideas to my fellow budget conscious brides & remind everyone to support our small businesses & buy local.

May we all be blessed in love & local grub!

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