Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Trunk Full of Vintage Wedding Accessories

So we all know that "shabby chic" wedding details are big right now, so of course wedding decor rental places are making lots of money on vintage reproductions and refurbished antiques. It makes it so easy to jump on the bandwagon—because it is EVERYWHERE! Sure, maybe I am one to follow the flock, but even before this new trend took off I was obsessed with old things (hence my History degree and my huge library of history and historical fiction books), so I would like to believe I would have had these vintage details in my "classic romance" wedding anyway.

Recently, one particular wedding decor rental place in the area went out of business (the owner is starting a family) and my mother and I went to check out their garage sale. Well, we came away with a lot of good finds and some tips on repurposing thrift store and antique store items.

We got five grey boxes that can be used as a place for cards or flower arrangements. I figure Kenny and I could use them as planters later (they come with plastic liners). We also got eight silver painted fence posts that we will make into direction signs for the wedding. Using "bundling" techniques I learned by watching American Pickers on the History Channel, I was able to get everything, including the Bridal Shower sign post as a 'free' item thrown into the bundle, for under $75!

So excited about these finds for such a great price! If you are planning a "shabby chic" or vintage detailed wedding, here are the tips they shared with me...

1) Real Deals is a good place to find vintage reproductions for a great affordable price—whether for a wedding or your home.

2) Don't be afraid to go check out different Goodwills. You may be surprised at what you find and there are so many tutorials online on how to distress furniture and decor, so you can achieve the look you want.

3) Search local antique stores. I have been traveling to all different antique stores in the area as well, in search for my guestbook table vision. I really would like a short dresser, sideboard, or buffet that I could use again in my own home. Two promising antique stores in the Portland metro area are: Monticello Antiques on Stark St. and Stars Antique Mall on Milwaukie Ave.

Happy planning!

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