Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day & Saturday Surfing

After a busy week of errands, holidays, and subbing, I am taking a moment to update my blog this afternoon. I thought I would start with what Kenny and I did to celebrate our love. And yes, even though I would agree with most that Valentine's Day is so commercialized by this point, it is run by flower shops, candy stores, and primarily Hallmark—I have to say in the busyness of life, it is easy to take love for granted. So Kenny and I both agreed that it was nice to have an excuse to spoil each other and go out on a much-needed date. Kenny seems to out do himself every year and I think he found the biggest box of chocolates he could find! Complete with the best Disney love story ever and beautiful diamond heart earrings (sorry they are hard to see). I was able to gift Kenny a gift card for a massage, which he so appreciated!

For dinner we went to Gustav's, drank beer (Kenny) and wine (me), while eating cheese fondue and wonderful dishes of chicken schnitzel and roast duck. After a wonderful dinner we went to Cinetopia for more drinks and saw the movie Safe House. It was a very "Bourne Identity" movie. You just have to love Denzel Washington!

And drum roll please! Tatatatatatat...Kenny shaved his beard! I was totally joking with him when he picked me up that night that I was cheating on my fiancĂ© with my boyfriend! Haha. He got a kick out of that! It is crazy how a simple shave could get my heart fluttering again—I was completely twitterpated all evening.

After this eventful week, I am taking a moment this afternoon surfing the web and saw this on my favorite site: Engagement Ring 101. You should see the different celebrity engagement rings! They're crazy huge!

Last weekend I celebrated my dear friend and bridesmaid's ("schmookums") birthday. It was so nice to have a girls night out and of course we went and saw The Vow. And loved it! If you love sappy romantic movies and Rachel McAdams, you will more than likely enjoy the movie. Check out this blog entry: I Vow to Love the Smell of My Significant Other's Farts. And if you did not know already, this movie is based on a true love story: The Vow: The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story.

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