Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cleansing the World, while Cleansing the Body

The sunset before the storm.
As the snow fell in our Portland metro area over the last few days off and on, I was able to revel in its beauty. It blankets the world and muffles all noises, and I feel surrounded by a peaceful world.
Snow falling.
While the world was being purified by snow, I began my juice cleanse.
A blanket of snow.
Yesterday was a struggle, while I suffered from a headache (which just started to subside tonight), and I started with a hot mug of water and lemon juice. My first blended juice was a strawberry raspberry cucumber juice by Daphne Oz (the recipes are from The Chew).
Strawberry Raspberry Cucumber Juice
I continued the day with drinking chicken broth, more strawberry raspberry cucumber juice, and a green juice.
Daphne Oz's Green Drink
 Today I had a delicious breakfast blueberry banana juice along side some green tea and lemon water.
Blueberry Banana Juice
This afternoon I allowed myself some broth based tomato soup and more lemon water. And tonight I had the best juice yet! And the surprise ingredient: a jalapeƱo! But I promise it is delicious.
Daphne Oz's Secret Juice
I'm hoping each day will get a little bit easier. Tonight, as the snow has passed us and been replaced by rain and wind, I only have three days left. Now, I just need to stay off pinterest, with all the foodie pins—I'm torturing myself!

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