Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

While hitting the three month mark until the wedding, my mom and I were busy assembling the beautiful invitations designed by our dear friend and wedding planner, Taylor, so much was happening. (And we saved so much money having her create the design concept and print them at Kinkos!) It was a relief to be able to cross this off my long list of to-dos.

It has been one of those times in a year when everything seems to happen all at once. I needed to get invitations out, our beloved family cat of 19 years passed away (deeply missing her), I'm in the process of selling my car, there is a zillion things I have to do before moving and the wedding...oh, and, our microwave decides to die! 

So on Monday, with no sub job and record breaking early-May heat, my parents and I decide to take a trip to Bridal Veil, Oregon to mail our specially-made, necessarily-hand-canceled parcel invitations. At first we missed the little pioneer-isk wood shack of a post office (Kenny even commented in seeing pictures later, "...but, that's not really the post office...that's for posterity-sake?" No, that's really the post office!), while driving down the road and I yelled, "That's it!" in time for Dad to turn the car around.

After counting over 80 invitations and choosing our special hand-canceled Bridal Veil stamp, Mom and Dad and I drove another 50 minutes up the Gorge to The Dalles for lunch at one of my favorite pit stops (delicious comfort food and fresh seafood, as well as historical significance). The old Baldwin Saloon.

The saloon is nearly unchanged from the turn of the (20th) century (minus the modern conveniences), except for its top floor now being its main floor (the original saloon is in the basement and is now the kitchen). The Dalles was raised a whole story after the 1894 flood.

As always (when we drive home from The Dalles) we took the scenic route on the Historic Columbia River Highway, which takes us through Corbet and up to Rowena Crest (one of the best views in the Gorge). Every time we drive down this old highway, I can't help but think of the people living here before us and those who viewed the Gorge so much differently than us (prior to dams and modern infrastructure). There is one old home (in Mosier) that I have coveted for years. The last time I drove down the old highway (which has now been a couple of years), the home was for sale and falling to shambles. So it was such a surprise to see the home being refurbished to its original glory. And not only that, but the new owners have also started harvesting grapes (along side the old cherry grove the home stands by) and will be opening their tasting room memorial weekend! (I found the old home online, so if you're interested in reading more and seeing an old photograph of the place, go here.)

Maybe one day Kenny and I will have our dream home (like this one!) along with our Christmas tree farm...

From the old home, we continued to climb up the old highway, up to Rowena Crest where we were delighted to find the wildflowers in bloom against an azure sky and a 2D view (as I always felt large crevasses, like the Grand Canyon, are hard for my mind's eye to fully grasp) of the Gorge.

To close a much needed get-out-of-town-for-the-day trip, we all got Dairy Queen soft serve and headed home to enjoy a cool evening at home (it was 90 in the Gorge!). Now life can resume again...

I can't wait to start receiving RSVPs! As I told Kenny, each little step closer makes it seem more and more official and I get more and more excited for the big day! I can't wait to marry him!
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Friday, May 4, 2012

98 Days & Counting!

I can hardly believe it is May already and we are now in the double digits of our countdown! 98 days until I marry my best friend and teammate. It can't come soon enough!

All of April swept by without even having a moment to sit and update my blog. Things are moving swiftly now, with subbing picking up for me and Kenny working full time and participating in a management program, house hunting, and wedding planning. There has been little time to pause and appreciate the moments of respite, but I believe there will be more time for that soon.

We are right on schedule with our planning. Within the last couple of weeks or so, we have booked our caterer and our day-of coordinator. This week my mother and I took a day to continue hunting for the right MOB dress for her and play with table linens at Barclay Event Rentals. Of course I have to give you all a little sneak peak, because I am just so excited to see it all come together!

Well, two of my favorite spring holidays is coming up tomorrow: Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby (Kenny and I already talked about having a derby party next year when we have our own place—complete with fancy attire, hats, horse gambling, and mint juleps). Any excuse to have a margarita, eat Mexican food, and watch 'majestic' horses run for 60 seconds (is it even that long?).

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