Friday, May 4, 2012

98 Days & Counting!

I can hardly believe it is May already and we are now in the double digits of our countdown! 98 days until I marry my best friend and teammate. It can't come soon enough!

All of April swept by without even having a moment to sit and update my blog. Things are moving swiftly now, with subbing picking up for me and Kenny working full time and participating in a management program, house hunting, and wedding planning. There has been little time to pause and appreciate the moments of respite, but I believe there will be more time for that soon.

We are right on schedule with our planning. Within the last couple of weeks or so, we have booked our caterer and our day-of coordinator. This week my mother and I took a day to continue hunting for the right MOB dress for her and play with table linens at Barclay Event Rentals. Of course I have to give you all a little sneak peak, because I am just so excited to see it all come together!

Well, two of my favorite spring holidays is coming up tomorrow: Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby (Kenny and I already talked about having a derby party next year when we have our own place—complete with fancy attire, hats, horse gambling, and mint juleps). Any excuse to have a margarita, eat Mexican food, and watch 'majestic' horses run for 60 seconds (is it even that long?).

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