Tuesday, July 10, 2012

30 Days & Counting, Featuring Big News!

The last couple of days have caused my excitement to build in anticipation of the wedding. Yesterday I had my hair and makeup consultation and this morning I had my first dress fitting! In 30 days (I'm not counting today on purpose! Especially considering its half over!) Kenny and I will be getting married! Eeeeeeee! :D

But...we have some very exciting news! The frosting on the cake or the cheery on top, so to speak! 1) I recently applied for a job as an 8th grade Social Studies teacher and in that same day I got offered the position! Kenny and I are beyond excited that I am finally doing what I love and for what I went to school. To top it off, it was originally a temporary 1 year position and when I went into HR early last week I found out that its a probationary position, which is 3 years! So I get 3 years to rock their socks off so they'll have to hire me permanently! Who wouldn't want me with this resume and portfolio—complete with photo of course?!

And 2) the same day I found out that I had a 3 year contract, Kenny called me when he was out with his groomsmen getting their tuxes fitted, that our offer on the townhome (it was a short sale we offered on back at end of April!) went through and we will be able to close by the end of the month! We're so happy and relieved that we will have a place and we'll be able to begin moving in before the wedding. It will be a crazy busy time! But so worth it in the end! Kenny and I even went out and spent our first big purchase as a couple: a new couch, bed, and mattress. We're so excited for our future.

Well we obviously had a lot to celebrate by the time 4th of July arrived and Kenny celebrated his birthday on the 5th.

Necessities for 4th of July on the Columbia River.
It was definitely time to kick up our feet, have some good food and drinks, visit with family and friends, watch fireworks, and enjoy our time!

The next four weeks until the wedding will be a little chaotic, with last minute wedding details, packing and moving, and planning for my classroom for the fall (another thing: I start my new hire orientation the day after we get back from the honeymoon!). But like Kenny and I said yesterday, we need to call each other fiance A LOT, because pretty soon we won't get to any more!

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