Thursday, March 22, 2012

Instead of Green, I Prefer Pink: Part I, Bachelorette Party

Last weekend when many were drinking green beer, wearing emerald hues, and listening to bagpipes; my weekend was being filled with pink cocktails, blush colored frosted cupcakes, and showers of gifts. My best friend and matron of honor, Meagan of Everything Golden, landed in Portland—hailing from Boston, Massachusetts—to throw me a little Bachelorette Party with my bridesmaids, and a very pink Bridal Shower. I am eternally grateful for all her hard work and craftiness, which helped make the weekend a success!

Friday night before the shower, we traveled Downtown to Urban Fondue, which I was completely thrilled about! What is better than a book of every cocktail imaginable, melted cheese and bread, fondued meat, and dessert fondue?! NOTHING!

After our wonderful meal, we returned to the hotel for champagne (prosecco for me) and some lingerie gifts. We filled the rest of the evening with a dirty "Would You Ever? Did You Ever?" bachelorette edition game and America's Funniest Home Video's Wedding Edition. We were even lucky enough to get a private concert with Meagan's wonderfully talented husband. I so wish I had gotten a video of his rendition of Tenacious D's "F*** Her Gently!"

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