Saturday, October 29, 2011

On a foggy, Saturday morning...

Woke up to the fog and frost this morning (my dad is getting excited, because it probably means chestnuts will be ready soon). I have stayed warm under a blanket, with the cat on my lap, eating oatmeal, drinking apple cider, bloggin', messin' around Facebook and Pinterest, while watching college football.

Some of my messin' around has resulted in:

A blog suggested by my dear cousin Kylene: Snippet & Ink. A Portlander's daily wedding blog and local shop owner of Ink & Peat {home and floral design/decor.}

I love the great earthy/healthy recipes presented by Roost: A Simple Life. I specifically want to try these two recent recipe posts that remind me of this foggy weather: Butternut squash & hazelnut bouchons with toasted nutmeg ice cream and Riesling poached pear tart with chai spiced custard & almond crust. She also has a great Pinterest to follow: Coco.

Speaking of weather, I've been keeping an eye out for the forecast in Boston, because my best friend Meagan should be expecting their first snow of the season (in their new home)! Already, there is snow coming down in York, Pennsylvania and New York City.

Now, I wouldn't mind some snow in Oregon this year.

Back to cat snuggling...


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